Marks phone pings. Its a slack message with a document for proof reading. He opens it up on his smart phone before giving the OK for it to be distributed.

He then turns his attention back to slide deck for next weeks big presentation. The coffee he has ordered arrives and he takes a sip as the sun creeps around the corner and adds a glare to his laptop screen.

Half an hour later he is playing in the pool with his two children before they head off to kids club and he gets his head into some bugs in the code for the tool he has been building.

Did I mention Mark was on holiday? No? Thats because it doesn’t really matter.

The concept of work life balance is very quickly becoming a myth and something which doesn’t fit with the current world, and certainly not in the future.

A balance requires two opposing forces, each at odds with each other. But for success now and in the future this cannot be the case. Success in life will depend on a blend of work and play, the two intermeshing and coexisting regardless of time of day or location.

Of course, balance in life is always important. Balance of diet, health, and time spent on certain activates. But work and life cant be two separate entities in the future which are fighting against each other for your time.

I much prefer to think of life as a blend. Recipe of things I spend my time doing regardless of time of day or location.

Of course achieving this requires a certain amount of freedom. Not everyone can decide where they are and what they do from one minute to the next, which is where the divide of times comes from. But the autonomy which comes with work int he future will change this and people will need to find their own blend of life.

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