Steve Wozniak came out recently and warned we could be experiencing an Internet of Things (IOT) bubble akin to the dot com bible of the 90s. Where ill thought out ideas and companies secure huge valuations due to them utilising the technology of the moment.

What we need to be careful though, it assuming that comments like this are taken as a criticism of the technology or theory. With his comments Wozniak was not suggesting IOT was a fad, far from it. He was merely commenting on the volume of companies entering this field, and the senseless valuations they were being given. Just like the dot com bubble wasn’t the end of the Internet, if a bubble does appear for IOT, it will far from a death knoll.

More the exciting and furore around IOT right now is purely part of the evolution of the technology. Ideas like the bluetooth toilet aren’t going to have any major impact, now or in the future. But by playing around the fringes of technology, before starting to really push its boundaries, ideas and uses will emerge which add true value.

Consider products like the INSTEON Hub Pro, which enables you to remotely control all of the lighting, heating and electrical sockets in your home. Or the Danalock, Smartlock which allows you to remotely control locks on your doors and we start to see more practical applications.

Connected devices are coming to our homes and work places and will begin to affect our day to day lives more and more. Its far from a fad, or a phase, it is the future. If nothing else, so you can start the kettle off boiling from your desk!

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