Failure, according to the Oxford Dictionary, is defined as a ‘lack of success’, or ‘an unsuccessful thing or thing’.  A word which by definition and through traditional use of the English language is surrounded in negativity connotations, but when deconstructed does not actually anywhere say it is final.

However our use of the word is often deemed absolute.  ‘We failed, it’s over.’ ‘I failed.’ And this is an approach, and a view, as businesses and individuals we need to address.

Failure is rarely final, it is a temporary state where you have simply found one method which won’t let you achieve your objective.  In fact, if anything, it takes you one step closer to your goal, so long as there are lessons learnt.

In a lot of businesses, too much time is spent on deconstructing failure, pointing fingers, or finding an individual to blame.

However the future approach should be to ensure you fail quickly enough and at a level which allows for the lessons to be learned and taken forward to the next failure without too much loss of momentum.

Only through redefining failure as a critical stepping stone to success, will you ensure staff feel the freedom to make mistakes without fear of repercussion so long as it is moving you forward.

So what does failure look like for you and your business?

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